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Leading technology and infrastructure provider


Design Constructions Ltd. is one of the most respected universal engineering, manufacturing, project management companies and drain camera service in Toronto.

With the help of our skilled employees, we deliver landmark projects that create long-term progress and fiscal growth. We have completed numbers of projects with hard work, perfection, and high-quality services. 

We operate through all worldwide productions including infrastructure, oil, gas, nuclear security, and mining & metals. The core of our organization is safety, excellence, ethics, and integrity. 


Our work makes a clear contribution to the social order and the milieu around us. Whether we are constructing schools to provide rousing places for wisdom, roads to tie communities or hospitals to care for patients, it all put in, to our intention – we put up what matters.

Our Code of conduct 

We seek to work with a high quality of ethics in line with our values. Setting the way needed to attain all these things are Design Construction’s only code of conduct and supplier code of conduct as well. We are proud of principled business practices that we have established and the values we follow. 

Our connections with fellow workforces, our clients, the communities are established by the code of construction in which we operate. It provides employees with hands-on supervision on how to act in accord with our values, specifically “To Act ethically and transparently.” 

We at Design Constructions have a principles board that examine all reports. One way to make the report is through our hotline, which is accessible to both employees and outside parties, including customers, contractor, and subcontractor.   

Our delivery method

Our specialists are masters in this industry with in-depth knowledge and ability in all aspects of construction, management, development, architecture, and engineering. We apply cutting-edge creation techniques and equipment to ensure that your projects, large or small, are built to meet and exceed your expectations. Advanced strategies and most recent tools are used to avoid any loophole in the work. So don’t wait and contact us to build a masterpiece of your dream project.